PPIR Open Drift

PPIR OPEN DRIFT Saturday, August 25th

The gates will open by 8am on Saturday morning for Open Drift drivers to register for the event or present your pre-purchased ticket to PPIR’s registration staff. The registration building is located on the south east side of the General Admission parking lot (see map). Once registered drivers will receive their wrist band and will proceed to the drift staging area with their tow vehicle and/or drift car. NO PARKING is allowed for any general admission ticket holders or passengers. All vehicles other than drift cars and or tow vehicles must park in the General Admission parking lot. As a driver you will also receive a Tech Card that you must fill out and turn into PPIR staff upon a quick tech inspection that will be performed in the Drift Staging area (see map). Drivers will be briefed on event rules prior to entering the racing course.


Make sure your car is ready to go and mechanically sound prior to coming to PPIR. Make sure to bring supplies such as drain pans, rags, cleaning fluids, oil absorbent and anything else necessary to clean up any messes that you or your car may create in the staging or parking areas. Please be courteous of the facility and use the garbage cans placed around the parking and staging areas. No glass containers allowed.