Free-Style Contest

Freestyle Contest for Golden Ticket Holders 

PPIR will be selecting drivers throughout Saturday’s event to participate in a free-style car control competition at approximately 7:30pm on Saturday night. Drivers who are selected will receive a coveted Golden Ticket which will allow the driver to participate in the evening’s shenanigans of a free-style drifting and car control contest. The drivers in the contest will be judged by a panel of their peers for their free-style performance which will take place inside of the quarter mile oval on PPIR’s road course. Drivers will have this large open asphalt surface to show their stuff; we are talking 360s’, rolling burnouts, j-turns and any other awesome car control whipping mayhem!

Drivers will be selected based upon their vehicle and/or their driving ability. PPIR will be watching the Open Drift course on the west lot for driver selection and taking a look throughout the car show areas! Get selected and then get crazy!